Academic Support Programs

Click the link above to access a downloadable copy of the 2020-21 Schedule Planner. The purpose of the Schedule Planner is to help students establish an educational plan for their high school years. This information will aid the student in selecting courses for a program of study leading to not only a high school diploma, but also solid preparation for whatever post-secondary goals you may have, including college, technical training, or the military. Careful thought should be given to course selection. 
It is suggested that students discuss their educational plans with parents/guardians, teachers, and school counselors. It is important that the program you choose maintains a high level of interest for you and results in the benefits of a happy and productive adult life. Students will have an opportunity to meet with their school counselor at least once per year to discuss course selections, as well as a day devoted to asking for guidance from their teachers on our annual scheduling day.
Graduation Requirements for Class of 2018 and Beyond
Click the link above to learn about graduation requirements, effective for the class of 2018 and beyond.
Click the link above to view the presentation MHS school counselors will be discussing with all freshman students during their English classes. We will be talking about high school graduation requirements, how credits and grades are earned at the high school, what a transcript and a GPA are and why they matter, and how to be successful in high school. During this presentation, we will also be getting every freshman to activate their Naviance Family Connection account. If you would like to activate your parent account in Naviance, please contact your child's counselor for your registration code. 
We will be meeting with each freshman one-on-one during the second week of October to check in, start to get to know them, see how the transition to high school is going, and start them thinking about their strengths and interests as a first step in the career exploration and planning process.
Peer Tutoring Program 
Midview High School's Peer Tutoring Program helps connect students who may be struggling in one or more subjects with a fellow student who has demonstrated proficiency in that subject area for weekly or bi-weekly tutoring sessions held during the school day during common study hall periods, lunch, or before/after school.
Peer tutors volunteer their time and are selected based on teacher recommendation, demonstrated competence and knowledge of a particular subject area, and an interview to assess their ability to provide positive, encouraging assistance to fellow students.
Peer tutors are matched with students in need of assistance based on common study hall periods and relevant subject area, after a meeting with a school counselor, during which time the two students agree on a schedule, location, and limited time frame for tutoring. Students meet with a school counselor at the conclusion of tutoring to discuss progress and next steps. 
Students who are interested in either getting a Peer Tutor or becoming one themselves, should fill out an application (available in the main office) and submit it to Mr. Johnson. Please see your school counselor with any questions. You may also download applications here:

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