College, Career & Financial Aid/Scholarships

College, Career & Financial Aid/Scholarships

College, Career and Financial Aid/Scholarships

College, Career and Financial Aid/Scholarships

One of our major goals as school counselors is to help support our students' transition from high school to post-secondary education, the workforce, or the military.

We do this, in part, by providing academic advising and guiding students and their families through the college search and application process. Discerning which path is the best fit is a complicated process, and ultimately belongs to each student and his or her family. Along the way, we provide information, guidance, encouragement, and support to help ensure that each student's choices are informed and the best for their unique interests, skills, goals, and circumstances.


College Now of Greater Cleveland is a valuable resource for our students and their families providing guidance on the financial aid and scholarship search process. College Now offers a Resource Center where parents can make appointments for one-on-one consultations. It is located at:

50 Public Square
Clevland, Ohio 44113

Level Three of Tower City Center
(located directly above Starbucks)
Monday-Friday 10a.m-5p.m
Saturday by appointment

Please feel free to contact your child's counselor at any time with questions and use the resources listed below often. We look forward to helping your and your child through this exciting time!




Senior Class Presentation & Senior Booklet

Click here to access a pdf copy of the booklet all MHS seniors received in September. Counselors visited all seniors in their American Government, AP Government, and Civics classrooms to discuss planning for after high school, with an emphasis on the college search and application process, how to use Naviance Student to help with career exploration, college search and application, transcript requests, and scholarships. Counselors met with seniors one-on-one following these presentations to ensure each student is on track for graduation in June and to provide guidance, support, and information necessary to put the wheels into motion for their individual post-high school plans. Please contact your child's school counselor directly to discuss your questions or concerns or to make an appointment if you would like to discuss your child's senior year, graduation, and/or post-high school planning in more depth.
On October 11, 2017, we hosted an evening informational session for parents/guardians and students about the college search and application process, as well as important information about applying for financial aid to help pay for college. Click the above link for a downloadable copy of the PowerPoint presentation from the evening.

Junior Class Presentation

Counselors met with juniors in their English classes to discuss with them what is needed for successful, on-time graduation and to present all of their options for life after high school. 
Our goal is help students start thinking more seriously about their futures and what steps they need to take this year to help them prepare for a successful senior year and beyond. During these presentations, all students were reminded about how to log into their Naviance accounts and everyone completed a Game Plan Survey to give their counselors an idea about where they are in their future thinking and planning process.
Click here to view a pdf of the PowerPoint notes from this presentation and group discussion. 
Click here for an electronic copy of our Junior Booklet. All juniors have access to this document in their Naviance accounts and were given a shortened print copy during junior presentations. 

Career, College, and Financial Aid/Scholarship Information and Search Tools

Thanks to the generosity of the Ross Foundation and the Midview Education Endowment, we are pleased to be able to offer Naviance to our students and parents/guardians. Naviance is a web-based career and college planning tool students can use for everything from taking career interest surveys, to looking up the occupational outlook of particular jobs, to searching for and applying to colleges, and for searching for scholarships.
MHS counselors use Naviance to provide useful links to college search engines, scholarship databases and search engines, and for handling all requests for high school transcripts to be sent to colleges. We also use Naviance for requesting teacher letters of recommendation. (Note: During summer months, any requests for transcripts must be made through the Midview Board Office at 440-748-5353.)
Every student at MHS is given a free Naviance account, and at least once each year, Midview counselors meet with students at each grade level to have them complete certain activities to help them search for career and job options, search for colleges, and eventually formulate and put into action a plan for their transition after high school to whatever is next for them. To access Midview High School's college search and application process, including requesting transcripts and letters of recommendation, click here to access a downloadable guide, also given to all seniors at the beginning of the school year during senior presentations.
Parents/Guardians also have free Naviance accounts that link up with their child's account. We provide account access information for parents during our annual college and financial aid information night every fall. If you would like information about how to activate your parent account, please contact your child's school counselor. 
MHS counselors frequently communicate with students and parents via the Naviance Family Connection email tool. In order to stay informed about all important aspects of the college process, please be sure to activate your parent/guardian account and check it frequently,


Nearly every college in America requires either the ACT (American College Test) or the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) I. In addition, some colleges may also require the SAT II Subject Tests as a part of its admissions process (typically only very competitive four year private colleges).

While SAT and ACT scores are important, the most important factor for college admissions is still your child's high school transcript, evaluated based on grades earned and the rigor of coursework taken. Other information, such as extracurricular activities and recommendations are also considered.
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