Administration Offices- Phone:  440-748-5353/Fax:  440-748-5395
Dr. Bruce Willingham, Superintendent
Dan White, Director of Education

Treasurer's Office - Phone:  440-748-5353/Fax:  440-748-5396 
Nikki Spriggs, Treasurer

Special Services – Phone: 440-748-2305/Fax:440-748-4032

Susan Bobola, Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Midview High School - Phone:  440-748-2124/Fax:440-748-5277
Attendance - 440-748-5310
Tom Faska, Principal
Bob Magyar, Assistant Principal
Ann Pickering, Assistant Principal
Dan May, Athletic Director - Phone:  440-748-5390/Fax:  440-748-6324
Sharon Henry, Food Service Supervisor - 440-748-5357 
Midview Middle School - Phone:  440-748-2122/Fax:  440-748-0411
Attendance - 440-748-5333 
John Brown, Principal
Gretchen Lawn, Assistant Principal 
East Intermediate School - Phone:  440-748-1851/Fax:  440-748-7016 
Amanda Musselman, Principal
West Elementary School - Phone: 440-748-2305/Fax: 440-748-4032
Patty Hamilton, Principal
North Elementary School - Phone: 440-748-6869/Fax: 440-748-7056
Carla Molnar, Principal
Transportation - Phone:  440-748-2125/Fax:  440-748-8101
Lisa Gilchrist, Transportation Supervisor
Maintenance - Phone:  440-748-2751/Fax:  440-748-8101
Ron Ignaczak -  Operations Manager


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