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May Named Northeast Ohio Athletic Director of the Year

Sixth-year AD at Midview shared the honor with three other receipients. More +

2019-2020 Open Enrollment

The Midview Local School District's Open Enrollment period will begin March 4th.  Below please find the link to the form 2019-2020 Open Enrollment Application as well as the most frequently asked questions with answers.  Please feel free to call at anytime should you have further questions.  You may call 440-748-5353 anytime between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
Q.  When does Midview begin to accept open enrollment applications?
A.  The open enrollment application period begins March 4th and goes through June 5th.
Q.  Where do I get an open enrollment application for my child?
A.  You can obtain an open enrollment form from the Administration Office located at 13050 Durkee Road (connected to the East building) or you may print the form by clicking on this link (available March 1) and returning it to the Administration Offices.
Q.  Once I submit a completed application, which must include the parent’s or guardian’s signature, does that mean my  child will be accepted?        
A.  No.  Acceptance is granted only when it has been determined that Midview has available space for students living outside of the Midview District.      
Q.  When will I know whether or not my child has been accepted to attend Midview Schools?      
A.  You will be notified by a letter in June.  Applications received for Open Enrollment after June 11th, will be reviewed and a letter will be sent to you regarding decision.  
Q.  Once admitted to Midview, is my child guaranteed Open Enrollment to Midview until he graduates?    
A.  No.  We review our own student population first.  If it is determined that we have room, we will  then admit the students previously enrolled through open enrollment.  We do try to allow students to continue once they are accepted under open enrollment.     
Q.  Do I have to pay tuition to attend Midview?  
A.   There is no tuition for open enrollment students.  The funds that would have normally paid for education at your home school are funneled to Midview.  However, student fees must be paid in a timely manner or you will not have access to your child’s grades.    
Q. If I move out of the district during the school year can my child continue at Midview?  
A.  Your child must attend the school in the district in which you reside.  However you may fill out an application for open enrollment if you move.  The Superintendent, on the recommendation of the school principal, will decide whether or not your child may continue under open enrollment depending on the circumstances and if room is available.  If you are aware that you will be moving to another school district prior to the start of the new school year, you should fill out an application for open enrollment.      
Q.  Does Midview provide transportation?    
A.  Transportation can be provided for elementary students from a bus stop within our district.  High School students must have their own transportation to school.  We do not provide transportation from your home.  If an elementary student has a baby sitter, relative, or friend in the district where they want to be picked up and dropped off, we will try to accommodate that request.  The student could also be picked up at a bus stop along our borders.  However, it will depend on whether that bus is filled to capacity with native students.      You do need to fill out a “Transportation Request Form” to request the pick-up and drop off, upon the approval of Open Enrollment.    
Q.  How are students accepted?  Does my child have to take a test?  Is an interview required?    
A.  Acceptance is generally based on a first come, first served basis.  We do encourage you to attach information to your application that might help us make a positive decision regarding your student’s qualification for the “Midview Open Enrollment Program”.  If a child has a disciplinary or attendance record at the school they now attend that could be a problem.  If your child’s application is not approved, you may request the opportunity to meet with the Superintendent to discuss special circumstances.  
Q.  We didn’t decide that we wanted to attend Midview under open enrollment until after the start of the school year.  What if we didn’t move to the area until mid-year?  Can my child start attending as an open enrollment student after the school year is started?
A.  Midview only accepts students for the whole school year.  New students are not accepted any time after the school year starts.      
Q.  I want my kindergarten student to attend Midview under Open Enrollment.  Do I have to register my child for kindergarten if I have already applied for Open Enrollment?
A.  Check with your home school as they may require you to register with them.  The home school must be aware a child from its district is of school age and attending school. Kindergarten students accepted under Open Enrollment will be registered at Midview after they have been accepted under the Open Enrollment plan.      
Q.  How will I know if my High School Student can be scheduled in the classes he/she wants or needs to take?  
A.  Arrangements will be made for High School Students to schedule their classes with the High School Guidance office.  If the student cannot be scheduled for the classes they need or want, they may want to return to their home school.
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2018-2019 Testing Information

Midview Families,
This year at Midview Local Schools, your student will be participating in various classroom, district, and state-level assessments that will help to communicate academic progress and to prescribe relevant research-based instructional strategies integral to their educational pathways and compile the district's state report card.  Similar to last year, students will be taking the AIR (American Institutes for Research) assessment in grades 3-12 covering different subject areas dependent on your student's grade and/or course choosing.  This test is given on the Chromebook and challenges students on multiple fronts to gain better understanding of their progression towards mastery.
For the 2018-2019 school year the testing windows within Midview Local Schools are as follows:
Fall 3rd Grade Window:
October 29-October 30
Fall High School End of Course (EOC) Window:
December 2-December 21
Spring Test Window:
English Language Arts:  April 1-April 19
Math/Science/Social Studies:  April 29-May 10
It is important that your student be present, prepared, and well rested during these testing windows so they have the best chance to succeed and display their abilities.  If for some reason you know your student will be absent during one of these windows, please communicate that to your students' building admisnistrartor as soon as possible.  You will receive an individualized letter from your student's principal with more details that pertain to their specific testing session but the district felt it was important to communicate this information to all when it was available.  If you have any questions, please contact either your student's prinicpal or the Midview Local School's Board of Education office at: (440) 748-5353.  We look forward to celebrating your student's success in all that they do!
Frank M. Major III
Director of Education  
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Effective immediately, any visitor to any of our buildings (parent, grandparent, volunteer, salesman, outside counselor, etc.) will be REQUIRED to present a PHOTO ID in order to obtain a visiotr pass.
Photo IDs will be scanned by the main office secretary and a visitor pass will be printed with your name and picture on the visitor pass.  This includes visiting the building for: volunteering in the classroom, meetings, parent/teacher conferences during the day, etc.
If you do not have a Photo  ID you will NOT be permitted access to the building. If you need only to drop off a forgotten lunch, library book, etc. and do not require access to the building, you will not need to produce a Photo ID.  
This is a district wide initiative that is being enforced for the safety of our students.    
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2018-2019 Bus Route Schedule

 Please click on the following link to determine what bus your child(ren) will be riding for the 2018-2019 school year.
East and Middle School AM and PM routes: East and Middle School AM and PM routes
North and West AM and PM routes:   North and West AM and PM routes
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2018-2019 Free and Reduced Lunch Application information

Welcome to another exciting year!  Please click on the following links to access the 2018-2019 Free and Reduced Lunch information.  One link is the directions Free and Reduced User Manual, the other is the link to the on-line application https://midview.payschools.com/Default.aspx .  We would like everyone to take a moment and fill out an application.  You may feel like you don't qualify, however, you may.  We thank you in advance for your participation.   More +

2018-2019 Supply Lists

 Please click on the following link to access the 2018-2019 school supply lists 2018-2019 School Supply Lists More +
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