Gifted Services
Mrs. Jodi Wolf
Gifted Coordinator
Midview Local School District strives to meet the needs of our gifted and talented students. While gifted services are not legally mandated by the state of Ohio, we identify students as gifted and talented and work to meet their learning needs in the regular classroom. Mrs. Wolf, Midview’s Gifted Intervention Specialist, works directly with seventh and eighth grade Language Arts students in a self-contained gifted unit. As the district’s Gifted Coordinator, she is also responsible for the identification of gifted students and assisting teachers with differentiating instruction for our students. If you have questions or concerns regarding gifted and talented in the Midview District please contact Mrs. Wolf at (440)-748-2122.

Click here for Online Gifted Recommendation Form
Click here for Information On Students Who Are Gifted in Creative Thinking Ability 
Click here for Information on the Identification of Children Who Are Gifted in Visual Arts  
Click here for Considerations and Strategies for Parenting the Gifted Child
Click here for Ohio Gifted Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Gifted 
Parent Resources
These hyperlinks may only be accessed during the gifted identification period. If you try to access them at any other time you will receive an error message.
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