Midview Middle School Guidance
School Counselor: Ms. Lisa Simpson

Contact at 440-748-2122, #3902 or e-mail:
Please feel free to contact Ms. Simpson with questions about grades, emotional/social issueswith your teen, or other concerns.


Counseling Groups: We have the following groups available for 7-8th graders this year at MMS:
Teen Talk
Middies Helping Middies, Chill Out, and Career Connections.  Groups will be held during Connections Study Halls or Lunchtime on a rotating basis.  Please call Ms. Simpson if you would like to have your child participate. 
Career Readiness Lab: This is a program designed for freshman students to attend the JVS full time as they enter high school. Students receive training in lab safety, tools, and good work habits. Four academic credits are provided in the program along with three credits for lab. Successful completion of the program will allow students to continue their enrollment in the Career Explorations program. Applications for 8th grade students are available in January from Ms. Simpson
Congratulations to the following students who were accepted into the Career Readiness Program for the 2018-2019 school year: Peyton Gullett, Sade'Capers, Shiloh Gill, Sandy Luke, Austin Wade, Donavyn Pasters, Joseph Janosik, Erik Loar, and Jesse Duncan.  Congratulations!

Academic Watch Program:
Any student who receives 2 or more F's on their 9 weeks report card wll be placed on Academic Watch through the following grading period. Students in this program will be required to complete weekly academic progress reports, have access to the Math Lab on a daily basis and engage in parent/teacher conferences

Life Skills Programming:  LCADA will be implementing their Life Skills Program that will be taught in our 7th grade Health Curriculum and 8th grade Financial Literacy Curriculum.  Students will be gaining skills in resisting peer pressure, saying no to drugs/alcohol and bullying prevention.


S.O.S. is a comprehensive mental health education program for the entire school community.  This year all 7th graders will take part in a 3 day program to increase their understanding of good mental health and also the signs of depression and suicide.
Parent please contact a mental health professional if you see your child in a depressed mood, with five or more of the following symptoms.  Especially if the symptoms have been consistently present for a period of two weeks or more.
   *Depressed Mood
   *Loss of interest of pleasure
   *Signifigant weight loss or gain
   *Difficulty sleeping (too much or too little)
   *Fatigue or loss of energy
   *Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriat guilt
   *Difficulty concentration or making decisions
   *Recurring thought of death or suicide.
In adolescents some other additional symptoms may indicate depression:
   *Inattention to appearance or grooming
   *Extreme sensitivity to rejection or failure
   *Social isolation or withdrawal from social activities
   *Self-harming behaviors including drug or alcohol use
   *Difficulty with relationships
   *Drop in grades.
If you are concerned about your child or a loved one please follow the link below to complete a mental health assessment and learn about the resources available to you in Lorain County.

What is Stress?

A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from very demanding circumstances.
Positive tips on how to manage stress:
   *Listen to music
   *Talk to someone you trust
   *Do something creative (painting, drawing, art, etc..)
   *Recognize that some things are beyond your control
   *Write in a journal
   *Get involved in school and other activities
   *Manage your time
   *Stay organized
   *Ask a parent, teacher, or school counselor for help

Important Guidance Dates for the 2018-2019 School Year

7th grade/New Student Orientation  
August 16, 2018
9:00 and 11:00 sessions
LCCC 7th grade fieldtrip           
November 13, 2018
LCJVS 8th grade fieldtrip           
February 12, 2019
Testing Dates:
ELA 7th-8th grade AIR-March 2019
Math 7th-8th gradeAIR-April 2019
Science 8th grade AIR-April 2019


Tips for a Successful School Year

1.    Be in Class
2.    Do Your Homework
3.    Be Prepared for Class
Top Study Skills
1.    Be Organized
2.    Manage Your Time
3.    Take Good Notes
4.    Know How to Read a Textbook
5.    Study Smart!
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