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7th Grade Trip to LCCC

On Nov. 10, 90 7th graders were given the opportunity to tour the LCCC campus and provided with information on what they do NOW to prepare for college. The morning was both educational and fun! Students learned what courses they need to take to prepare for college, how to fund their college years and most importantly what opportunities are available to them here in Ohio and at the LCCC campus.

MMS Quarter 1 Updates
There are so many great things going on at MMS so I asked the teachers to give an update of what was accomplished during first quarter and what to expect for second.  Enjoy the updates below and the pictures attached.  These updates make me want to go back to middle school!!  
Art 8 Quarter 1 Update

In the first nine weeks 8th grade art students have been very busy making some fantastic art!

ELA 7 Quarter 1 Update
It has been a very busy first quarter in seventh grade English Language Arts here at Midview! We have conducted a pre-assessment to help guide our instruction and best meet the needs of our students.  
8th Grade Science Quarter 1 Update
Our 2014-2015 school year began in a flash! We discovered we had some very good problem-solvers on our hands already! Since the design of our classroom is student-centered and inquiry based, problem-solving is one of the major and most important skills that we tackle in science.  
Art 7 Quarter 1 Update
Seventh grade Art has been extremely busy this past nine weeks. I have an amazingly talented group of students this semester. We started off with watercolor timelines where each student was able to share events in their life with the class.  
Musical Quarter 1 Update
The start of a new school year is always a busy one in the Music Department. In both the 7th and the 8th grade choirs, students have been strengthening their music theory skills to better help them read music, while learning to sight-read music using the solfege system.
Girls' PE Quarter 1 Update
Welcome to Girls Physical Education class! As you enter the gym you will see students performing cross fit exercises like burpees, push-ups, star jacks, and other core movements.  
Math 8 Quarter 1 Update
Math 8 students have been working hard using the Common Core State Standards and adjusting to eighth grade expectations. Students have been introduced to several new programs that are used to expand their understanding and abilities pertaining to each topic learned.  
Algebra Quarter 1 Update
During the first quarter in Algebra, students have learned the basics of solving multi-step equations and inequalities. They are currently learning about functions and how to graph and write linear equations. In the near future, they will be able to solve systems of equations and linear inequalities.  
Health 7 Quarter 1 Update
The first half of 7th graders have left my class with an increased knowledge of Health issues that they may encounter and have the necessary skills to make healthy decisions to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks. 
SS 7 Quarter 1 Update
Play Doh, Food Coloring, and Legos… Welcome to Seventh Grade Social Studies!  
SS 8 Quarter 1 Update
Students in 8th grade history have been learning about the causes of the American Revolution.  Students were asked to act as colonists and create protest sings(Click Read More to see some examples). 
Math 7 Quarter 1 Update

It is hard to believe that first quarter is already coming to a close! It feels like just yesterday that we started the school year and were getting back into the routine of getting up early, working hard during the day, and working on homework at night.

Honors Accelerated Geometry Quarter 1 Update
The students in Honors Accelerated Geometry have been working extremely hard at mastering the content standards laid out in the Ohio Common Core Standards. 
ELA 8 Quarter 1 Update
Throughout the first quarter 8th grade ELA studied fiction and read their first novel. Half the grade read Lord of the Flies and the other half read That was Then this is Now and The Hobbit.  
Science 7 Quarter 1Update

As the first quarter has come to a close, we reflect on student progress throughout these nine weeks. Students have grown in their abilities to think more scientifically while discovering answers to questions. For example, the pictures show students engaging in hands-on inquiry based learning.

Foreign Language Quarter 1 Update
The Spanish Department is traveling to Costa Rica in June (Spanish 2 and beyond students are eligible). The French Department will travel to Québec and Montréal in June. We will be hosting 12 students from Blois, France in the winter of 2015. 
Trying to allow the students to have a little fun, we once again, allowed the students and staff to dress up for Halloween.  We capped off the day with the staff vs. students volleyball game and the day went on as normal as any other day.  See the photos attached. 
Staff vs. Students Assembly
Trying to bring a little fun back to school, MMS staff competed against the students in the end of quarter one assembly on Friday, October 31st. 
Beautiful MMS

Two years ago, MMS was nominated for the Lorain County Beautiful awards in the category of new construction. Sadly, we didn’t go home with a trophy that year but we were once again nominated this year in the category of Green Buildings.

Aerial View of Midview Campus
Former MMS students and current Air Force JROTC cadets had the incredible experience of a trip aboard an Air Force C-130 and Sargent Godleski shared this beautiful pictures of the Midview Campus and Perry's Monument. 
United Way Grant
MMS and East Intermediate were selected by the United Way to receive funding for projects to help support the healthy middle level child (grades 5-8).  Check out the article officially announcing our involvement.
Cell Phone Recycling

Midview Middle School is conducting a recycling fundraiser! There’s nothing to buy! We are simply asking you to protect the environment by donating your used cell phones or iPods.


One of my personal goals for the past two years has been to make sure that I am communicating with our parents as much as I possibly can.   This year, I am happy to report that our communication is even more widespread. 

Study Tables
If your child is need of a little extra help, beginning Monday, September 8th we will be offering study tables every Monday through Thursday.  Mr. Prosak will be available for  
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