Augmented Reality Sandbox
What do you get when you combine four middle science teachers, power tools, 250 pounds of ultra-fine white sand, a projector, and a computer? The coolest thing ever!  
Through a very generous grant from the Ross Family Foundation coupled with funding from the Nordson Foundation, MMS sent four science teachers to the Lorain County ESC on Tuesday, December 13th.  Not only did they recieve the neccessary training on this powerful educational tool but they actually built the thing.
The workshop was to create an Augmented Reality(AR) Sandbox.  What is augmented reality you ask?  This is when you take the real world and use a computer to add to the real world.  Think Pokeman Go!!
What the AR Sandbox is designed for is to teach the difficult concepts of topography, the water cycle, erosion and countless other topics.  Concepts like topography and erosion are hard to experience from the pages of a text book.  The AR Sandbox that Mrs. Magyar, Miss Groomes, Mrs. Bauer, and Mrs. Sandell built yesterday will help these concepts come alive to our students.  The AR Sandbox will be utilized to teach both 7th and 8th grade standards so the students of MMS will experience these standards by hands-on learning.
MMS cannot thank Dave Miller of Nor2th for discovering the technology and sponsoring the workshop. We also want to extend our gratitude to the Ross Family Foundation and Nordson for awarding MMS with the grant dollars to fund this project that will engage and inspire our students for years to come.
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AR Sandbox VIDEO
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