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Update School Forms Online

By moving to online forms, the district is able to have current information on parents and students which integrates with all of our systems and makes parents' lives a little easier by not having to fill out the paper copy of the emergency medical forms and other forms each year.  Please update all forms prior to August 30th.
To begin, go to the Midview websiteand click on the link for One View, or just click this LINK   If you have totally forgotten your parent login, begin by clicking on the link to the left of the login boxes that says "Forgot Credentials."
 If you have forgotten your password, don't worry, you are not the first and certainly will not be the last.  To remedy this, click on the link LOST PASSWORD directly to the right of the LOGIN button.  You will be presented with two questions in BOLD.  The top question is "Forgot Parent Login ID?" Ignore this question.  Instead, look at the second option, "Forgot Parent Account Password."  
At this point, you will be requested to Type Your Parent Login ID.  Click on submit once you had done so.  In a few minutes you will recieve an email.  This email will be from schooldistrict@esvmail.com.  In this email you want to find a large blue link with the words "Account Password Reset."  This is located directly under "Please click on the below link to reset your password.  You wil be taken to a webpage that asks uyou to Reset Parent Account Password.  Enter your new password.  Once you have created and confirmed your new password, click on "Dashboard Home Page."  
Congratulations!!  You have now updated your password and may login.
Once you are logged in follow the instructions below to complete the forms for your child/children.  THANK YOU for completing this prior to the beginning of school.

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