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Midview East Intermediate would like to honor our servicemen and women
for Veteran’s Day.  The students and staff have joined together to
present an assembly to help recognize our Veterans and presently
enlisted men and women.  The assembly will be held on Friday, November
8th at 8:45 a.m. at Midview East Intermediate School.

If you are a Veteran or current service man or woman and would like to
join us for this celebration, please feel free to come to Midview East
Intermediate School on Friday, November 8th. Midview East Intermediate
will hold a special Veteran’s Day celebration to honor our servicemen
and women past and present.   Since there will be refreshments for all
of our Veterans and current service men or women that attend, please
call the school to let us know of your plans by Tuesday, November 5th.

Finally, to help remember those that are currently serving, we will be
collecting items to be sent to our service men and women overseas.
Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. Chapter #26 sends packages to our
Soldiers.  In students’ homeroom, a box will be placed and any items
your child wishes to donate can be put in the box.  The boxes will
then be carried to the gymnasium as part of the assembly. A list of
acceptable items is on the backside of this page.  Midview East is
designated as an Honorary Blue Star school for our years of donations.

Hundreds of thousands of our service men and women gave, and are still
giving their lives so that we can live in a free country to be able to
elect our leaders and make decisions for our country by voting.
Please take the time to talk to your child (children) about the
importance of our patriotic freedoms. The price has been very high. We
cannot afford to forget those willing to pay for it. Midview East
Intermediate School celebrates America’s veterans for keeping this
nation “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”
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Our Students Have SOLE!

Teachers at Midview East have continued to implement Student Organized
Learning Environments to engage students and strengthen collaboration
skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity.

Student Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) begin with a big
question designed to provoke students’ curiosity.  Most often the
questions connect directly with the students current learning. As
students research and investigate answers to the big question, more
questions inevitably come up and students collaborate with each other
to find the answers.  Students present their research to peers and
discuss the depth of their knowledge.

Mrs. Jackie Young, 5th grade ELA and Social Studies teachers uses the
SOLE framework in her class.  She loves the flexibility that SOLE
provides to students to think and research at higher levels. Mrs.
Young says, “I chose SOLE because it is a student led activity. Once
the students are given a high level thinking question, they are on
their own to work in a group to research the answer to the question in
any way they can.  This means flipping the classroom and letting
students take on leadership skills.”

East students will continue to engage in learning situations that
engage their collaboration skills, critical thinking skills and
creativity.  We’re excited that SOLE is part of the fiber of our

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