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New Scheduling Process at MMS
 There are some exciting new changes happening with the daily schedule at MMS which will allow students more choices and more time with their teachers.  Some of the highlights are:
  • More choices!  Students will now have the opportunity to choose from NINE electives.  This will be a great addition for our students.
  •  More time!  In the 18-19 school year, math, science, and social studies teachers were in front of their students for a total of 123 hours.  Next year, they will be in front of their students for 202 hours.  Although we won't have our traditional connections period to provide intervention, teachers will have more class time in order to provide interventions to students.
  • MMS students will now have the opportunity to take both band and choir in the same year.  This will be the first time in a long time that this has been possible.
  • Typically, only 40-60 students get to take a foreign language.  Next year, any student can take a twelve week Spanish and/or French introductory class.  That is going to expose a lot more students to foreign language.  We are talking about how a student could earn high school credit by taking a foreign language in 7th grade and then the next class in 8th grade combined with a placement test to earn one credit.  We are beginning to look at the details but this is not yet decided.

One of the many exciting changes next year is that students will get to choose their electives.  All but one elective, band, will be 12 weeks(a trimester) in duration.  The electives offered next year are:  PLTW(Project Lead the Way), Physical Education, Health, Career Explorations, band, choir, Spanish, French, and art.  

Although they are still technically an elective, students are required to take the following electives at least once during their time at MMS:  PLTW, health, PE, and Career Explorations.  Since next year is a transition year, we are not going to be able to have the class of 2024(next year's 8th graders take all of the required electives.  It is expected that the class of 2025(next year's 7th graders) willl, at some point, take all of the required electives.  Some may choose to get them all out of the way in 7th grade and some may choose to split it up between their 7th and 8th grade years.

Let's look at some examples:


This 7th grade student above wants to take band as his first elective.  Because band is a full year course (three trimesters), that only leaves him with three more trimesters to fill in his second elective spot during the day.  In this example, he has chosen choir, Spanish, and art.  Notice that he did not take ANY of the required electives in his 7th grade year.  That is okay but leaves less options and choices for 8th grade. 

Let's look at another example.

This student does not want to take band so her two elective wheels are filled with other choices and required choices such as PE, Health, PE, and Career Exploration.


 This student chose to get three of her required electives out of the way in her 7th grade year (PE, Health, PLTW, and Career Exploration) and then she chose to try Spanish and French.

For those parents that have had children go through MMS prior to next year, this all seems confusing but, if you have questions, please do not hestitate to reach out to Mr. Brown, Mrs. Lawn, or Ms. Simpson at 748-2122.