Midview Schools Culture Plan



COMMITMENT – Live it, believe it, do it!

Our culture starts and ends with our drive and determination to sustain our beliefs and core values.  We believe our commitment is shown by living the following key behaviors.

  1. Purpose:  To create a common direction that keeps decisions and resources focused on providing the best education and environment for our students. Our team will strive to be courageous in holding ourselves and others accountable for guiding our vision.

  1. Follow-Through:  Follow-through requires action to strive towards change.  We are committed to embracing the change and willing to adapt to see it through to fruition.

  1. Trust:  Trust is essential.  Believing in those you work with to make decisions that show positivity, passion, and certainty to reach the common vision.  When you have trust, the team will take risks to make changes for better good.  Our groups belief and values will be the guiding force and direction to build our Midview family.

Life will get in the way and we will be there to help our team stay true to our purpose.  Accountability is created by trusting those around you to keep you grounded and committed.

Outcome:  By behaving this way, we act in ways to live our dreams.

Contact Information

Frank Major
Director of Education
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