Common V.I.E.W. Community Collaborative

Common V.I.E.W. Community Collaborative

What is the Common V.I.E.W. Collaborative?
The Common VIEW Collaborative is a network of professionals that focus on the health and well-being of students in the middle grades (5-8).  The main recipients of this collaborative are Midview East, Midview Middle, Fireland Local and Clearview Schools.
Generously funded by the United Way of Lorain County and organized by the Lorain County General Health District, the Common VIEW Collaborative has focused on providing assistance to the middle level child in regards to their social/emotional and physcial health.
Partners of the collaborative include the Cleveland Clinic, Lorain County ADAS Board, Lorain County Mental Health Board, United Way, Midview Grafton Public Library and many others.
Through this collaborative, we have been able to provide desk cycles to our students at MMS, stability balls for some students at East, workshops at Common Ground, and countless other initiatives that focus on the healthy middle level child.
Check out the Common VIEW pamphlet by following the two links below. 

Contact Information

John Brown
Principal MMS 
Shane Sullivan
Principal East

Programs and Activities Supported by CVCC

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