Eligibility and Fees

Eligibility and Fees

All applicable rules concerning student academic eligibility adopted by the Midview Local Board of Education and the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) will be strictly enforced.

CLICK HERE for OHSAA Requirements

Below are Midview Local School District requirements 

1. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 1.50 in the immediately preceding 9-week grading period.

2. A student may receive a failing grade in a course(s) and remain eligible as long as the GPA requirements and OHSAA requirements are met.

3. Students who meet OHSAA standards but not the school’s 1.50 GPA requirement during Q4 can request probationary eligibility for fall sports once during their athletic career (Grade 8-12). The student-athlete must submit a current progress report for all classes on October 1. If they meet both OHSAA and Midview standards, the student would have his/her full eligibility restored for the remainder of the quarter. 

Pay-to-Participate Fees

Midview Local School adopted a revised Pay-to-Participate structure in 2020-21. There is an individual cap of $400 for high school and $300 for middle school. However, there is no family cap. All fees must be paid in full prior to competing in a regular season game. All Checks should be made to "Midview Local Schools". 2020-21 PTP
PTP Fees can be paid directly to the Athletic Office (Preferred), the Treasurer's Office or the building secretary where your child attends. Checks must be payable to Midview Local Schools and have an active phone number included on them. Cash, Money Order or credit card (no fee) is also acccepted in person. Coaches are not allowed to collect money. Fees can also be paid online using https://payforit.net/. You will need your Student's ID number to register.
Note: If you have a check bounce at any time during your children(s) career, future checks will not be accepted.
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