Hall of Honor

The MISSION of The Midview Schools "Make a Difference Hall of Honor Award is to develop positive relationships between alumni, students and friends by recognizing Midview's distinguished alumni and retired staff and volunteers for their contributions as excellent role models to our students and community.

The GOAL of this program is to expose Midview's students to the achievements of district alumni and to connect them with role models who have been a part of the Midview heritage.  It is the hope of the Alumni Committee that this program will positively influence the future goals of Midview's students by making them more aware of what they can achieve and what career opportunities are available to them.  In addition, we anticipate that this program will contribute to the esteem and honor of the Midview School System and community.


Programs for the past 5 years are linked below. For programs earlier than 2015, please visit the Hall of Honor Recipients page to the left.  


Contact Information

For more information or questions about the Hall of Honor, please contact:
Anne Marie Eakins
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