Jersey Retirements

Jersey Retirements

Joe Staysniak '85
Anthony Stacey '95
Ryan Feierabend '03
February 4, 1994
December 27, 2002
May 14, 2021

Jersey Retirement Guidelines

1.  Letter of recommendation for retirement of jersey candidates given to or written by the Athletic Director of the Midview Local School District for approval.

2.  Approval of candidate by Athletic Director shall be based upon the following guidelines:
       A. Candidate played and graduated from the Midview Local School District.
       B. Candidates are at least five (5) years removed from high school.
    Note: Exceptions may apply at the approval of the Athletic Director and Midview High School Principal.

3.  Once approved by the Athletic Director, the candidate shall be submitted to the Midview Athletic Council for final approval.  Retiring a jersey requires board approval.

4.  Approval by the Midview Athletic Council shall be based upon one or more of the following guidelines:
    A.   All-time leading scorer for a particular sport at MHS.
    B.   Recognized as the top male or female athlete in the state of Ohio (i.e. Mr. or Miss Basketball)
    C.   MVP of the state tournament of their sport
    D.   All-American in intercollegiate athletics
    E.   Played at the highest level of their sport (NBA, MLB, WNBA, etc.)
    F.    Coached a MHS team to a regional title or higher
    G.   Brought significant recognition to Midview High School

5. In the unfortunate event of the death of an athlete, the coach or team may choose, with approval from the Athletic Council, to honor that individual in some way, but the jersey will not be retired. (For instance, a team may choose to wear the student’s number as a patch on their jersey for a season or two.)

6. Retirement of a jersey does not constitute retirement of the number on the jersey. When a jersey is retired, it is the name, not the number, which is retired.

7. Measures equivalent to retiring a jersey, such as placing a picture or a plaque in other areas, such as fine arts, career and technology programs, or academics, where a former student achieves a substantial distinction will be addressed between the MHS Principal and Superintendent; following similar standards.

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