Student Services

Student Services

Director of Pupil Personnel Services

The Pupil Personnel Services Department focuses on implementing the District’s mission by nurturing, educating, and graduating students with disabilities. Our goal is to provide appropriate services to students with disabilities within the least restrictive environment with accommodations and modifications as needed. By differentiating instruction within the classrooms, we can address many student needs. We value the team decision-making process in regard to special education identification and placement. 
Thank you for sharing your child with us. We look forward to providing a productive and meaningful learning experience for all of our students. 
Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Sharon Novak 
Phone: 440-748-5353 

Special Services Staff

School Psychologist, Millicent Boukobza 
School Psychologist, Amanda Gioffre 
School Psychologist, Lisa Ryan
Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), Alyssa Lucas  
Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), Therese Lynch 
Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), Patti Prasen 

Child Find

Child Find is a legal requirement that schools find all children who have disabilities and who may be entitled to special education services. Child Find covers every child from birth through age 21. The school must evaluate any child that it knows or suspects may have a disability.  Please use the link to the right to learn more about Child Find.

Parent Rights in Special Education

A new special education procedural safeguards notice, A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education, is now available for district and parent use. This publication replaces the earlier procedural safeguards notice, Whose IDEA Is This? As of August 1, 2017, districts must no longer use that publication.  

Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program

The Jon Peterson Special Needs (JPSN) Scholarship Program provides scholarships to students who are eligible to attend kindergarten through 12th grade and have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) from their district. The amount of each scholarship will be based on the primary disability condition identified on the student's Evaluation Team Report (ETR) and will not exceed $27,000. Students must be enrolled in the scholarship program for the entire program year to receive the full scholarship amount.  Please use the links to the right to obtain more information concerning the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.

Autism Scholarship Program

The Autism Scholarship Program (ASP) gives the parents of children with autism who qualify for a scholarship the choice to send the child to a special education program other than the one operated by the school district of residence to receive their education and the services outlined in the child's individualized education program (IEP.) . Please use the link to the right for information regarding the Autism Scholarship Program.

504 Plans

A 504 plan is a legal document. The purpose is to plan an instructional program to assist students with special needs who are participating in the general education curriculum. The 504 plan should not be confused with the Individual Education Program (IEP), but in some cases students transitioning from special education to general education may qualify under the conditions of 504.
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is a federal civil rights law that has been in effect since 1973.  The education-related components of Section 504 require the education system to provide the full range of accommodations and services necessary for students with disabilities to participate in public education programs and activities.  All individuals who are disabled under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) are also considered to be disabled, and therefore protected under Section 504.  Not all individuals who are disabled under Section 504 meet the eligibility requirements under IDEA.  The general education staff and school counselor will respond to the needs of students and families.  This may take the form of a written 504 plan.
The student must be identified as disabled, as specified under Section 504: the individual has a physical or mental impairment, which substantially limits one or more of such person's major life activities; or has a record of such an impairment; or is regarded (perceived) as having such an impairment. If the individual meets one or more of the above criteria, they may qualify for the provisions under Section 504. This would be especially true if the student does not qualify for special education services under IDEA. 
Please contact the school counselor at your child's buidling for more information or if you have addiitonal questions concerning a 504 plan.
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