Volunteer & Involvement

Volunteer & Involvement

Volunteer & Engagement

The Midview Local Schools is limiting visitors and volunteers for the  2020-2021 school year.  We appreciate your interest and hope that we can resume some of our programs and activities in the future.
Contact Boosters or other organizations directly for information regarding their programs.

Pen Pal Program

The Midview Local Schools have partnered with Oak Hills Nursing Center in Lorain.  Our hope is provide much needed words of encouragement and communication with the residents.  
Please follow the link below for more inforamtion or to sign up to be a pen pal.

Volunteer Guidelines

A volunteer is an unpaid person who has decided to perform services for the school district on a voluntary basis. A volunteer shall serve in such capacity without compensation or employee benefits of any type. All volunteers serve at the discretion of the Midview Local School without any expressed or implied privileges and may be released from volunteering if so deemed necessary. Volunteering in a school is a unique and exciting experience and a benefit to both the school and the volunteer. It is designed to promote and maintain a supportive relationship between students, their schools and their community. 
Expectations of Volunteers:
1. Understand and accept the students in terms of their own backgrounds and values.
2. Have a professional attitude and the ability to work cooperatively with school staff and others. 
3. Communicate with the principal, teacher, building secretary or group leader via email, telephone, or in person.
4. Attend recommended or required orientation and training sessions. Orientations are held to provide clear expectations for the volunteer. 
5. Be prompt, reliable, flexible, dependable and consistent in attendance. If you must be absent, call the school and let them know. 
6. Understand and observe all regulations and procedures in the assigned school (i.e. fire drills, accident reporting, inclement weather procedures, etc.). 
7. Notify the principal or teacher immediately if a student confides in you about an abusive situation. Inform the student the information must be reported to the appropriate authority.
8. Leave personal concerns and pressures at home. Leave school problems at school. 
9. Respect confidentiality with relationship to the school. Ensure that a child’s work and behavior in school are held in confidence. However, please connect with a school principal if you are worried/concerned or need support with a challenging situation.
10. Remember that you are acting as a role model for children. Treat individuals with respect and courtesy and expect the same in return. 
11. All volunteers must stop into the Main Office and provide ID each and every visit. An ID badge must be worn while in the school building.
12. Be sure to sign out in the Main Office when you leave.
Maintaining Confidentiality:
As you work with the staff and students, information of a confidential matter may be shared with you. The problems, abilities, relationships, and confidences of students, their parents, and the staff should never be discussed with anyone who does not have a professional right or need to know them. Like teachers, volunteers are bound by a code of ethics to keep confidential matters within the school. The staff and students need to know they can trust you. Please do not discuss a child’s school progress or difficulties with his/her parents. This is the teacher’s responsibility. Occasionally, a child might confide in you about family matters or personal problems. If you feel that it is vital for the school to have this information in order to help the student, discuss the child’s conversation (in private) with the teacher or principal. Personal information about yourself should be shared only as it is relevant to the work you are doing with the student. Avoid giving personal contact information such as your address, phone, social media informtion and email without parental/guardian consent.  


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Schawnna Newton
Athletic Boosters 
Jill Ward
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Compass Committee
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Elementary PTA  
Courtney Kushinski
Grafton Grapplers
Amanda  Shenberger
Midview Endowment
Matt Plas
Midview Youth Soccer
Scott Ulrich
Touchdown Club
Jose Matias

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