Attendance Information


The laws of the State of Ohio (ORC 3321.04) require that every parent, guardian, or adult having charge of any child between the ages of six (6) and eighteen (18) must send the child to public, private, or parochial school for the full term that school is in session, unless excused by proper legal certificate.  Attendance must begin with the first week of school.


Many students who miss school have great difficulty in realizing the maximum benefits of schooling because, with few exceptions, make up work cannot take the place of regular classroom instruction.  Accordingly, students are required to be in regular attendance except when excused by law.



Within 120 minutes (2 hours) after the start of each school day, the school is required by law to attempt to contact the parent or guardian of each student who is absent without legitimate excuse. Because it can be very difficult to contact working parents, we ask that parents or guardians contact the school if they know their child is going to be absent for the day. 


If a phone call is not received to excuse your child’s absence, a note must be presented within two (2) days of the student’s return to school. The number of days absent, dates, and reason for absence should be stated in the note.  If a note is not presented within two (2) days of the student’s return to school the absence will be considered “unexcused.” Only school officials have the legal authority to excuse a student from school. 


In 2016, both the Ohio House and Senate passed House Bill 410, which adopts nationally accepted best practices to support students and families and keep students engaged in school and on a path to success. Student absence is counted based on hours of missed instruction, which includes time missed due to tardiness and early pick-up. 


Due to this legislation, the Midview Local School District is required to send a notice to parents when a student reaches the following criteria for absences, either excused or unexcused.

  • Missing 38 or more hours within a 30 day period
  • Missing 65 or more hours within the school year 

This letter simply serves as a notification of missing hours. 

Additionally, per Ohio House Bill 410, any student who is identified as “Habitual Truant” will be assigned to an Absence Intervention Team and placed on an Absence Intervention Plan.  Failure to adhere to the plan may result in referral to the Lorain County Juvenile Court. The criteria for “Habitual Truant” is as follows:

  • 30 consecutive hours of unexcused absences
  • 42 hours of unexcused absences in one month
  • 72 hours of unexcused absences in one school year 

Please note that “Habitual Truant” refers to unexcused absences only. 


Ohio law recognizes the following as valid reasons for absence from school:

  1. Personal Illness
  2. Illness in the Family
  3. Death in the Family
  4. Religious Holidays
  5. Medical/Dental Appointments (with note from doctor)
  6. Emergencies/Circumstances deemed as good and sufficient cause by administration 


The law does not excuse absence from school due to reasons such as shopping, trips, dance lessons, visits to other schools, movies, trips to beauty or barber shops, hunting, picnics, or other leisure activities.

Unexcused absences are as follows:

  1. Any absence not excused by State law
  2. Days of out-of-school suspension
  3. Any absence for which a parental note was not received within two days of return from the absence
  4. Per Board Policy, once a student has reached fiftenn (15) excused or unexcused absence days in a school year, all further absences will be considered unexcused unless accompanied by a doctor's note 

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