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COMMUNICATION – Strength in a Collective Voice

The Midview School District sustains excellence through the strength of its collective voice.  When we actively listen and respond, share information in a timely manner, and maintain strong connections with each other, our students, staff and community will flourish. 


  1. Actively Listen and Respond - Oftentimes the best ideas are the ideas that are heard but not implemented.  To find strength in our collective voice as a Midview district, we must actively listen to the histories, experiences, opinions, and ideas of all stakeholders and engage in thoughtful discussion to foster clear and effective communication.  The more time our staff and students actively listen and respond the stronger our district will become.

  1. Timely Sharing - In an era where the sharing of information can be instantaneous, we are often inundated with too much.  Communication is vital to the continued success of the Midview School District. The more we share information, often in real time, that is purposefully planned, clear and concise, and consistent, the stronger our district will become.

  1. Connectivity - An essential component of our collective voice in the Midview community is having the ability to connect with each other in different buildings, grade levels, and content areas to share best practices and success stories.  Building bridges between our buildings to establish strong lines of communication will amplify our collective voice. Our commitment to connect with each other will also extend outside of the district to include parents, guardians, and other stakeholders.  The more we connect with each other, the more unified we are as a district and the more our connections will grow within our community. 

We understand that effective communication is difficult but we are confident that if we remain grounded in the behaviors listed above, we will sustain strength in our collective Midview voice.  

Outcome: Everyone wins with effective communication! 

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Director of Education
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