Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Midview Schools Culture Handbook



GROWTH MINDSET – Passionately Pursue Growth

The culture in our district is built on our unrelenting pursuit of growth of both our students and our staff. We all share the same vision of growth that promotes continuous improvement. This belief is grounded in three behaviors listed below.

  1. Believe:  We believe in our goals as a district and our administrators and educators to help us reach these goals. We all believe in ourselves and our ability as stakeholders to continuously strive for growth. Our mindset is such that our students will grow both academically and personally. Our teachers will assist our students in their growth. Our administration and parents support our students and teachers in their relentless pursuit of our goal.

  1. Adapt:  Through our belief in ourselves and our students, we adapt and continuously change in order to benefit the common goals of the Midview community. Students and staff are willing to learn new methods and step out of our comfort zones to grow.

  1. Persevere:  We pursue growth of our students and staff as a way of daily life. When there are obstacles, we find a way together to get through them. When we find ourselves off track, we help each other to align back to our goals. We focus on the positive. There are no excuses!

The growth mindset is what drives us as a district. We believe in our shared mission as a district, we adapt when change is needed in order to improve, and we persevere through the many challenges we face together. By focusing on growth, we see the potential of all stakeholders, which promotes success for all.

Outcome:  By behaving this way, we grow together.

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