Substitute Levy

Issue #4

In November 2022, the community voted down the district’s proposal for a 10-year substitute levy. Had it been successful, the substitute levy - which would have combined two expiring emergency levies into one ballot issue - would have allowed Midview Local Schools to maintain our current levels of operation.

Combined, the expiring emergency levies fund approximately one-sixth of the district’s general fund operating budget, or $6.2 million, annually

Our need has not changed. As such, Midview Local Schools will appear on the MAY 2 ballot with the same proposed substitute levy. Again, this levy WILL NOT raise taxes for current homeowners in the district but will capture additional revenue as new homes and businesses are built in the future.

"Our community is growing! As we think about growth and enrollment, it is important for school districts to plan. How do we capture this growth? How do we ensure that we are capitalizing on the tax revenues from the new growth? "

Dr. Bruce Willingham, Superintendent  

   State of the Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Ballot Language Breakdown


Polling Locations

Precincts: Elyria City 1-A, 3-A, 3-B, 3-C, 3-D

  • Polling Place: East Recreation Center (1101 Prospect St., Elyria)

Precincts: Elyria City 3-E & Carlisle Township #1

  • Polling Place: Grace Lutheran Church (9685 East River Rd., Elyria)

Precincts: Elyria City 5-B, 5-C, 5-D

  • Polling Place: South Park Rec. Center (101 South Park Dr., Elyria)

Precincts: Carlisle Township #2, #3, #4, #5

  • Polling Place: First Baptist Church of Elyria (1140 LaGrange Rd., Elyria)

Precincts: Eaton Township #1, #2, #3

  • Polling Place: North Eaton Christian Church (35895 East Royalton Rd., Grafton)

Precincts: Grafton Township #1, #2

  • Polling Place: Grafton Twp. Fire Station (17109 St. Rt. 83, Grafton)

Precincts: Grafton Village #1, #2, #3, #4

  • Polling Place: Our Lady Queen of Peace (708 Erie St., Grafton)

Not sure which precinct you live in? Look up your address to find your associated polling location!

Informational Meetings

Wonder How Much the Levy May Cost You?

In our continued efforts of transparency, we are excited to share a useful tool that will show each community member their current tax rates under the emergency levies and the rate they would pay under the substitute levy! Look up your address, locate your exact property, and view your current and projected property tax rates.

Disclaimer: The Lorain County Auditor's Office supports that the estimates provided in this web application are fair. It is important to note that the millage rate for the substitute levy has decreased slightly due to new growth in the district. As such, tax calculations under the substitute levy are, in fact, slightly less than under the emergency levies. This is accurate.

Why a Substitute Levy?

Midview Local Schools currently has two emergency levies that will expire at the end of 2023. Combined, these two levies generate $6.2 million for the district. The proposed substitute levy will replace the expiring emergency levies, avoiding multiple renewals, keeping taxes the same for current residents, and capturing additional revenue from new construction. This is a proactive measure on behalf of the district to avoid asking residents for additional millage.


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