In addition to the state laws regarding excused and unexcused absences and the district policy, East students are expected to arrive at school on time.  Students should be in their 1st period classrooms when the bell rings at 7:20 a.m.   

Tardiness to class may result in the following progressive discipline: 

  • 1ST – 3RD TARDY – Teacher warning

  • 4TH /5TH TARDY – One detention (Assigned by Teacher)

  • 6TH & 7TH TARDY – Referral to an assistant principal – Major Detention

  • 8TH TARDY & BEYOND – Referral to an assistant principal – In School Assignment (ISA)

Tardiness to school may result in the following progressive discipline:

  • Teachers should treat this as tardy to class and should follow the above policy.

  • Students should NOT be marked tardy on the attendance sheet.

  • If a student arrives to class more than ten minutes after the first bell, they need to have a pass from the attendance office and should be marked TARDY on the attendance sheet.

*Administration reserves the right to use their professional judgment on a case by case basis to deter from the above disciplinary schedule for infractions.

For more information regarding state laws and district policy, click here

Contact Information

Crystal Walker, Main Office Secretary, 440-748-1851 

Be prepared to share your child's name, reason for the absence, your relationship to the child, and a contact phone number