Parking Information


Q: Who is eligible to receive a parking permit?

A: Juniors and seniors that attend classes at Midview High School at least part of the day and have a Permanent Driver's License have priority.  Sophomores will be considered depending on the availability of spots remaining.

Q: What do I need to do to ensure I receive a parking permit?


  • Complete/Update Final Forms information.

  • Complete the online application and submit.  

  • Be sure all previous school fees are paid.  Unpaid school fees will result in a denial of parking privilege.  This information can be viewed via PowerSchool. If you are unsure whether all fees have been paid, contact Mrs. Andrey (440-748-5310).

  • Read "Driving Permits May be Revoked for the Following Reasons" below.

  • Provide a photocopy of your permanent driver's license.

  • Provide a photocopy of your auto insurance card.

  • If you will be transporting other students who are not family members, you must also complete a student passenger authorization form.

Q: When will I receive my pass?

A:  Visit Mrs. Andrey in the Attendance Office during the designated date and times for Chromebook & Schedule Pickup with the following items:

  • Verification of Completed/Updated Final Forms information.

  • A photocopy of your permanent driver's license and auto insurance card (Students are responsible for obtaining a copy. Copies will not be made by the school.)

  • If applicable, a student passenger authorization form

  • $35 parking permit fee (check, cash, or money order)

  • Money for previous school fees (if applicable) 

Reasons your pass can be revoked: 

  • Reckless operation of the vehicle on school property

  • Leaving school without permission of the administration (i.e. truancy, trip to McDonald's, etc.)

  • Loitering in the vehicle (not entering the building upon arrival or leaving after dismissal in a timely manner)

  • Failure to meet the responsibility of being in good academic standing

  • Failing grades WILL result in the loss of the parking permit

  • Transporting unauthorized passengers (All passengers must have parent permission slips on file)

  • Loaning the parking permit/space to another student

  • Failure to park in the assigned spot

  • Failure to enter and exit the parking lot as designed

  • Failure to correctly display the parking permit

Driving is a privilege which can be withdrawn for any violation of the Student Code of Conduct.  


2024-25 Parking Permit Application

Student Passenger Authorization Form
If another student not related to you will be traveling to school in your vehicle, this must be completed for each student

Senior Parking Spot Painting Info and Guidelines