Testing Schedules

Map Testing

MAP tests are taken by all students in the district in English, Math, and Science. Students in the MVP program will take their MAP tests virtually three times per year.

  • Fall Administration: Week of October 11

  • Winter Administration: January 10 - January 28

  • Spring Administration: May 2 - May 20

Results from MAP tests help teachers drive instruction and may be entered into the NWEA Mapping the Road to College tool to help plan for life after high school. 

State Testing

All state testing, including End of Course exams must be taken in-person according to ODE guidelines.  Social distancing requirements will be followed.

Fall 3rd Grade: October 27-28

Fall EOC exams - In order to graduate, students must score at least 18 points on 7 EOC exams. If a student does not earn enough points, he/she will have additional opportunities to pass the assessments.  Fall exams are for students who have either never taken an EOC or need to try another attempt.

  • December 6  - December 17

Ohio's State Tests - Please see the flyer below in regards to Ohio's State Tests and our district testing window. More information will be forthcoming regarding testing in the near future.