Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

What is PBIS?

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) is a behavioral framework that teaches appropriate behavior, provides intervention strategies when behavioral expectations are not met, and recognizes students when behavioral expectations are met.

The focus of this program is the acknowledgment and reinforcement of consistent positive behavior. Our Midview North PBIS tickets serve as positive behavior recognition to encourage our students to consistently demonstrate being ready, responsible, and respectful. Students collect their tickets until they get fifteen and then redeem them for a prize from the prize box or other incentives such as Popcorn with the Principal.

The mission of the North PBIS team is to foster and promote a safe and positive school environment that enhances student learning through teaching and recognizing positive behavior.


   North Commitment Statement


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District-wide Positive Expectations

How to Help

  • Ask your child to tell you the three school rules (Be Ready, Be Responsible, Be Respectful)

  • Talk with your child about his/her day

  • Talk with your child about what being ready, respectful and responsible looks like at home and in the community.

  • Encourage your child to follow the expectations of being ready, respectful and responsible at school and at home.

  • Discuss ways that your child might earn a PBIS ticket at school.

  • Encourage your child to make good choices and celebrate with them when they do!

Who to Contact

Danielle Ockuly, PBIS Coordinator & Principal Liaison

Aimee Hamm, Guidance Counselor