Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a school-wide systemic approach used to promote and encourage positive behaviors while providing support and correction for problem behaviors.  The Midview Local School District is focused on three district-wide behavioral expectations.

We Are Ready

We Are Responsible

We Are Respectful 

#We Are Midview

These expectations will look different at each school building and in every school setting, but the core components of PBIS will remain the same in grades preK - 12.

  • Students will receive explicit instruction, practice, and feedback on the expected behaviors for each school setting.

  • Students will be provided incentives and reinforcement for demonstrating expected behaviors.

  • Students will receive logical consequences to correct behavior errors.

  • School teams will meet to review group and individual behavior data in order to ensure consistent implementation and to modify the supports as needed. 

Contact Aimee Hamm (school counselor), Bethany DiFranco (family liaison) or your child's teacher for more information concerning the PBIS plan at Midview North.