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Spring Senior Spotlight - Damond Mathis

Name: Damond Mathis 
Sport: Baseball
Varsity Letters Won in this Sport:
Plans for Next Year: Attend Cleveland State University to become a Physics Teacher
Favorite Teacher/Class: Mrs. Guildoo and Mrs. Thomas
Favorite TV Show/Movie: All American
What is Your Favorite Food? Fettuccine from Vincenzos
Damond Mathis
If You Go back in Time Where Would You Go and Why? I would go back to freshman year or maybe even 8th grade. I feel like I sold myself short of the high school experience.
Favorite Memory from MHS: My freshman Homecoming
What Were You Most Looking Forward to from an Athletics Standpoint this Spring? I really felt like i was finally where I wanted to be at with baseball this year, i had worked so hard and improved so much. I was really excited also with a new coach everyone was willing to work hard and win some games.
What Do You Like Most About Your Sport? It's a team sport. We all have to pick each other up when we are not doing the best. Its about making bonds and having a specific sports family. It's a sport where anyone can get their shot at being great. It's all about who works the hardest. Daily grind.
What Teammate or Coach has had a Lasting Impact on Your Life? Jacob Landers is the teammate who has had the biggest impact on my life because he always pushed me to be my best and i did the same for him. We just knew the potential of each other and would not settle for anything less.
What is One Thing You've Learned From Being a Part of this Team? Never become satisfied, work harder and harder everyday. Then when you reach a goal, set another one.
Message from Coach: You have two types of leaders; ones that lead by example and ones that lead vocally. Damond is the hybrid that combines both of those traits. He is one of the hardest workers in the weight room and at practice while also being the vocal leader of the team. His leadership has been instrumental this offseason and will truly be missed. Thanks Damond!

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