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Senior Student-Athletes to College Spotlight - Tyler Rose

Connor Bansek Name: Tyler Rose 
Sport(s): Baseball
College: Lorain County Community College
Anticipated Major: Political Science
Varsity Letters won at Midview: Baseball (1)
What will you miss most about being a student-athlete at Midview?
I will definitely miss the bus rides to and from games with my teammates. We had a lot of laughs and good times on the bus rides.

What are you most proud of about your career as a student-athlete?
I am most proud of the progressions that I have made over the past four years with the help of my coaches and my teammates to help the team succeed. 

What was your favorite game, meet or match that you were involved in? Why?
My favorite game was when we played Amherst in the playoffs because we played very well as a team and although we lost, we learned from it and it brought our team closer.

What is your advice to your younger teammates?
You practice how you play so always give it your best effort.


About Senior Student-Athletes to College Spotlight
Midview Athletics's newest series will highlight Middie student-athletes planning to play sports in college next year. In order to be recognized, please contact Mr. May or fill out the survey on the main page.

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