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Important: State Testing Update
February 19, 2021
Dear Midview Staff and Families,
I have a few important updates for you, but none more important than asking you to reach out to your local and state legislators.
State Testing:
Our county Superintendents have worked closely with our local legislators regarding this year’s state tests.   Each year our teachers and principals work hard to assess our students throughout the year to get a real representation of where our students are in regard to our state standards.  
Our staff does an amazing job of identifying the learning gaps based upon their own formative assessments, along with our district formative assessments like MAP testing.  
We believe in accountability and we have no problem sharing where our students are with their learning.   However, we cannot agree with the state of Ohio spending millions of taxpayer dollars each year on standardized state tests.  These summative tests inform us about one day in time and are not true representations of what our students and teachers can do.  
We have students who are working online, in-person, and some who have been quarantined and/or isolated multiple times throughout the year.  Our data is not going to be accurate and spending instructional time worrying about these tests is a complete waste of time for our staff and students.  The added stress of these tests is not what is best for Midview; or any school district for that matter.
I encourage you, if you feel as I do, to reach out to our state leaders and let your voice be heard.   There is a meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd in Columbus to discuss eliminating these state tests.  Please contact our local representatives if you can.
Senator Nathan Manning - [email protected]
Representative Gayle Manning - [email protected]
Representative Joe Miller - [email protected]
Representative Dick Stein - [email protected] 
Take care,
Dr. Willingham