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2021-2022 Open Enrollment is now Live!
Application Period: The online form will go live on May 3, 2021 at 8AM and will remain live until May 31, 2021 at 5:00PM. Attendance in the Midview Schools under open enrollment is open to students who reside in any school district in Ohio. If your child is not registered in your district of residence, you must also register at that school. This could happen if the child attended a private school, is starting kindergarten, or if your family or child just moved to the area and has never been registered in the district of residence. (The exception to this requirement is if you live in the Elyria School District.)

To fill out the application for open enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year, please click the link below:

Midview Local Schools Open Enrollment Form

A separate form must be filled out for EACH student applying for open enrollment. All needed information must be completed and submitted in order to be considered for open enrollment into the Midview Schools.