Testing & Assessment

Testing & Assessment

MHS Testing & Assessment Plan

Students at MHS follow the district assessment plan.  Each subject/course also has its own assessments throughout the year.  Whenever possible, teachers will notify students and parents in advance of summative assessments to provide time to study.
9th and 10th grade students take NWEA MAP assessments in both ELA and Math three times each year. This data is used to guide instruction. Teachers can determine which skills students need more help with and which standards students are excelling at.   They can then provide intervention or extension based on individual or group needs.   
State Testing Requirement - 18 points from End-of-Course State Tests:

The accumulation of 18 or more total points on the seven state end-of-course exams is now part of an important pathway to acquire a high school diploma. A high score on one test can balance a low score on another test; however, a student must earn a total of at least four points across all English tests, at least four points across all Math tests and at least six points across a combination of Science and Social Studies tests. Remember, students take tests only for subjects in which they are currently enrolled, through their junior year.  Based on each individual student's academic track, some students will take these tests earlier or later in high school.  Generally, here is when our students take these tests. 
  • Freshmen: ELA I and Algebra I
  • Sophomores: ELA II, US History, Bio and Geometry
  • Juniors: Government

Graduation requirements - In order tgraduate from Midview High School, a student must successfully complete

  • 22  Units  o credit; including:
    • 4 English
    • 3 Social Studies
    • 3 Science
    • 1 Physical Education & Health
    • 1 Business/Technology, Foreign Language, and/or Fine Arts 
    • 4 Mathematics
  • The class of 2018 (and beyond) must complete Ohios coursrequirements AND pass seven end of course exams.

Studentwill not participate in commencement if these requirements are not successfully met.


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