Dear Midview Staff and Families,

 This has been a really positive first week of school.  I know it has not been without the challenges that Covid presents, but I cannot thank our staff, students, and families enough for the effort you are all putting forth.  

 I know that our current mask policy may be contradictory to some opinions, but again, I think the right to choose is our best option at this point.  The state health department and Governor are currently unwilling to take a stance, outside of highly encouraging or recommending masking, so I am continuing to go along with their guidance.  I encourage all interested people to contact the Ohio Department of Health and ask them to take a stance, in either direction.  This may be the only way a decision will be made.  

 Please understand our plan remains flexible and I will continue to reevaluate case counts and numbers and work with our health department officials before recommending a change in policy.  

 Please review the link below to access the reopening plan and as always, feel free to reach out with any questions (bwillingham@midviewk12.org or 440-748-5307). 

 21-22 Updated Reopening Plan

 We have created a chart that may help staff and parents follow our quarantine procedures.  This is the same information on page 9 of our reopening plan, but just in a different format.  Please click on the link below to access the chart.


 We have also recently received new information from the private company the state of Ohio has contracted out with to perform contact tracing, PCG.  Please review the information regarding cell phone contacts made by PCG.  

 Guidance From PCG:  

Local Health Departments (LHD) and schools should work together to determine what type of initial notification of exposure is communicated to parents/guardians. PCG does not call parents/guardians to inform of quarantine or school exclusion as that determination is not within the scope of service for us. 

 Updated process to monitor symptoms of school contacts: 

  1. School districts and LHDs should work together to identify students and staff contacts that need to be enrolled in Ohio Contact Tracking System text symptom monitoring.   

  2. As part of the initial notification process, parents/guardians should be informed that PCG, on behalf of Ohio Department of Health, will be sending a text message to the parent/guardian’s cell phone to enroll them in text symptom monitoring. This enrollment is optional and can be stopped upon request. The symptom monitoring period is 14 days from last day of exposure. 

  3. The updated school contact tracing line list includes a field for a cell phone number to use for the text symptom monitoring purpose.  

  4. Once PCG receives the contact tracing line list, the parent/guardian will receive a text message from (844) 432-8771  

  5. If multiple contacts utilize the same phone number, they will receive a single text to request consent. After that, each household member will receive a separate text survey with their name to log symptoms. 

 Updated Covid-19 District Dashboard:

 Today, there were two students at West, one student at North, and three HS students that have recently tested positive for Covid-19.  Please remember that it is vital that you are staying home if you are feeling sick and taking all precautions to keep yourself safe.  I also encourage masking and practicing social distancing as much as possible.  

 I have also updated the district dashboard to reflect our most recent counts.


 Transportation Update:

I appreciate everyone’s patience as the year begins.  Each year our bus routes change based upon where students live, move, and where they go to school for the year.  Our transportation department has worked to create the most efficient routes for each school, but they do need a couple weeks to drive the routes and make necessary changes and adjustments.

I’ve had a few parents reach out to me with ideas for changes and I wanted you all to know that Mrs. Minney, our Transportation Supervisor, and I have met to begin making minor adjustments.  She is currently reviewing information with parents and drivers and will meet with me again the week of September 20th to propose changes to routes.

At that time, we will also work to improve our transportation section of our website.  We are always trying to improve communication and I think we can do a better job with our new website.  Thank you for understanding.

Also for clarification, masks are required on buses, but there are no restrictions on capacities, so our buses are at full capacity.

Online Learning Choice Survey:

Not many families have completed the most recent registration for online learning, but here is the link again, in case anyone is interested. The survey will be open until September 17th.  

 I do want parents to know that the decision is very important and should not be made lightly.  We cannot offer a back and forth learning environment this year.  Once your in-person or online selection is made, you will need to stick with your decision.  

 If you have any questions you can reach out to Dr. Major, our Director of Education, at fmajor@midviewk12.org or Allison Hohla, our Online Learning Principal at ahohla@midviewk12.org 

 Online Learning Registration Survey


 I know I’ve already sent this information multiple times, but please review all the different ways you can connect with us to get the best and most up to date information. 

 In addition, please click on the links below to find ways to follow our district on Twitter, Facebook, district website, and district app.

You will need to download the new District app so that you can enable push notifications.

 Midview Facebook Midview Communication Options

 Please reach out with any questions.  


Take care,


Dr. Willingham