Career Fair

On Friday, Midview High School hosted a combined College and Career Fair and Student Professional Development (PD) Day, which immersed students in a day of professional and personal exploration. 

“Providing students with 21st-century skills and knowledge to succeed in college and careers is a key focus at Midview High School,” said Midview High School Principal Brian Siftar. “In addition to providing unique educational pathways and offering numerous College Credit Plus and Advanced Placement courses, we continue to explore opportunities that help students feel prepared and supported as they consider future plans.”

Over 35 colleges and universities, several career-based vendors, and all military branches were in attendance during the College and Career Fair to answer questions and provide information on their respective institutions or trade. 

The PD portion of the day, created in response to feedback from a student advisory team, was added to promote wellness and further foster staff and student connections. Over thirty staff and administrators rose to the challenge of creating their very own PD session around a life skill or interest. Each student then chose ten sessions to participate in, ranging from cupcake decorating to tire changing and taekwondo to salsa dancing.

Administration plans to gather feedback from students and staff to gauge success and further improve the experience should this become an annual event. As of now, the high school is looking to continue the combined College and Career Fair and Student PD Day as a part of its focus on social-emotional learning and college and career readiness.