Blue Middie

Smart Start to 7th Grade is a FUN three day adventure where students that are transitioning from East Intermediate to Midview Middle School learn about how to succeed in the middle school. 

This is NOT summer school. 

Smart Start to 7th Grade is a time for our incoming 7th graders to work in small groups in a fun exciting environment.  Students will learn how to successfully navigate the halls of MMS and will learn what is needed to be successful as a middle school student.  Some of the topics covered will be goal setting, the MMS PBIS program, what rules are different from East, study skills, learning to log in to various accounts at MMS, bullying prevention, and, of course, how to open the combination on your locker.  

There will be activities like locker opening races and scavenger hunts to make learning fun.  Incoming 7th graders are not required to attend Smart Start but it is highly recommended to help students be prepared and to alleviate some of their fears and anxiety of the transition.  There are SIX three day sessions to choose from and each session is two hours long.  Students will need to provide their own transportation.  

To cover the cost of the teachers and materials, we do have to charge each student a fee of $25.  This fee will be added to your child's school fees.