summer school

The Midview Local Schools is excited to announce its offerings for summer programming for the 2020-2021 school year within the district. Please click on the following links for expanded information as well as to register your student(s) for summer programming. 

Link 1Midview Summer Programming Detailed Information

Link 2Student Registration Form for Summer Programming

All students that intend to participate in Midview's summer programming MUST register using the above link, fill out the form completely and submit it prior to the district's deadline of May 14.

Highlights of the Informational Packet linked above are:

  1. The PK - 8 program will run from June 14, 2021 until July 8, 2021 between the hours of 8:00 - 11:30 a.m. Students will attend four days per week, Monday through Thursday, with a virtual Field Trip or activity planned for Fridays. Students and staff will not report that day for in-person learning. All learning will be focused on in-person instruction and not virtual classrooms/live-streaming.

  2. All students in grades PK-12 will be provided with breakfast while school is in session Monday through Thursday. All students in grades PK-12 will be provided with a boxed lunch that they may take with them after their learning session is complete while school is in session Monday through Thursday. There is no cost to any student who chooses to utilize the food service program during summer school.

  3. The district will provide transportation for the duration of the program for families who choose to take advantage of the service and

    qualify based upon their distance from the school. Transportation will be available to qualified families in grades PK-8. There will be no transportation offered for students in grades 9-12. Open enrolled students will follow the same policies as the traditional school year as it pertains to transportation expectations of the families.

  4. While specific students will be personally contacted by their teacher(s)/administrators to participate, the program will be open to all Midview Local School students to enroll and participate.

  5. The focus of summer school will be material taught during the 2020-2021 school year in an attempt to bridge the gap between grade levels and any instructional loss due to COVID-19 (and other factors). There will be minimal new content covered for students as this program will be used to support their individualized needs. Only the subjects of Math and ELA will be addressed during the summer program. Specific learning objectives for individual students and grades/subjects will be determined with the use of item analysis and NWEA Map reports. Students should expect 30-40 minutes of direct instruction in each subject per day, four days per week and structured like a mini lesson, in addition to work on their electronic individual learning pathways.

  6. There is no cost for the program to students in grades PK-12 or students in ESY; however, there is a cost for students taking credit

    recovery in grades 9-12. The fee is $75 per class to cover the cost of the APEX seat they are using. The district will be utilizing grant money to fund the program for the 2020-2021 school year to offset any cost of the program for the district.

The above are just some highlights from the overall informational packet contained in Link 1. Families that have additional questions should refer back to the informational packet and then reach out to the district for additional clarification. 

To reinforce the importance of the above links, here they are again for reference: 

Link 1Midview Summer Programming Detailed Information

Link 2Student Registration Form for Summer Programming